About Your First Visit to Durham Prosthodontics

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A simple consult is the best way to meet and learn about eachother

We always schedule extra time at our initial visits so that we can sit down together and discuss the challenges you’re facing. We always take a digital scan of your mouth and any required x-rays so that we can plan together and come up with a treatment that fits your needs. For those patients who have have more complex challenges, Dr. Mursic will often schedule a second consult where you and him can sit down with different options mapped out. We understand that investing in your health is a big decision and want to make sure we take the time to help you feel comfortable and confident with your decisions.

Before Your First Visit

Here is the information you will need to have for your first visit


Medical & Dental Forms

Before your first visit you will receive your forms by email, this email will also include your covid 19 formsto be filled out on your computer, tablet or cell phone (no need to print the forms). Once completed, you submit them and they are emailed back to the office.


Covid 19 Protocols

When you arrive at the office for your appointment, we ask that you please remain in your vehicle until your designated appointment time. Upon entering the office, there are supplied masks and hand sanitizer in the vestibule. A covid screening will be conducted and your temperature will be taken.



We ask that you bring your health card and dental insurance card with you so that a copy can be kept on file.

FAQ’s About Our Dental Office

Please look at the list of most frequently asked questions we get here at Durham Prosthodontics. If you do not see your question please feel free to give us a call.

Do you bill insurance directly?

Like most dental specialty offices, we do not typically collect from insurance provider. However, we do our best to help patients submit their claims and get the compensation they deserve. We also will send all estimates to insurance companies and try to get a breakdown of each patient’s insurance benefits.

Why do you do digitial scans?


Seeing is believing and being able to show you your mouth quickly with a 3D digital scan and x rays lets us see the problems in your mouth together without any confusion. We spend a lot of time talking to make sure you understand why you need treatment and what those options are.

What is the second appointment for?

Many of the people we work with require significant treatment that can seem complicated. To help with this we commonly plan the case before with physical models and a diagnostic waxup done by our partner lab, 5 Axis Dental. We also review various treatment options and costs in a stress free environement to make sure you understand your options and the investment in your health. We encourage patients to bring their partner’s or family with them to help make these appointemtns easier and less stressful. 

Why won't my forms submit?

If there is any missing required informaion your forms will not submit back to the office. Please review you forms.

My forms are expired.

If this happens please contact the office and we can send you new forms to fill out. Your forms will expire after 14 days of being sent to you.

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