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State of the Art 

Cutting edge dental technology that makes your treatment easier and faster

Advances in dental technology have totally changed what’s possible for people’s teeth. It is now much easier to diagnose and plan what can be done in your mouth right from the start. This allows you to see the solutions available for yourself so you can feel confident you are getting the treatment that’s right for you.

Our State of the Art Technology


Intraoral Scanner

Instead of gooey impressions we use the itero element to scan your teeth to create a 3D model 


Digital X-rays

We use digital x-ray sensors to immediately create the most accurate x-ray images possible. 



We design everything on computers connected to 5 Axis Dental Lab which uses cutting edge milling machines to ensure accuracy

FAQ’s About Dental Technology

How does a scanner work?

An intraoral scanner uses light to take thousands of pictures. A “wand” containing a small 3D camera is placed inside your mouth and moved around to capture the shape of your entire mouth. 

Should I be afraid of X-rays?

Modern digital x-rays are even safer because the sensors require less exposure to radiation to capture the images. Also we only take x-rays when necessary to ensure your health.

How are things made differently today?

For decades dentists and lab technicians have been using rubber molds and wax castings to make custom fit crowns for patients. Today we use 3D scans and computers to design them and precise milling machines to manufacture the custom components out of even stronger materials. 

Our Dental Lab 
located less than 10 mins away

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