TMD & Splint Therapy

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TMD & Splint Therapy

Splint therapy can help the majority of people with pain or popping in their TMJ (joint in your jaw)

People understand that when a wrist or knee hurts, we can use a splint or wrap to help stabilize that joint and help it improve. The same can be done for your mouth with a custom jaw splint combined with at-home therapy and regular follow up appointments at the office. This painless therapy has helped many avoid the need for surgery by stabilizing their joint in a healthy way.

Our TMD & Splint Therapy Services


Massage Therapy

When people grind or clench, we over use the chewing muscles and overload our joints. By relaxing these muscles, we can help the joint heal and position itself properly


Splint Therapy

A splint helps hold your jaw in a stable position that helps seat your joint in a healthy position.


Careful Followup

Consistency and follow up is key for rehabbing a joint and that’s why we see you every 2 weeks to monitor and chart your progress.

FAQ’s About TMD & Splint Therapy

Is clicking and popping normal?

Our joint clicks or pops because it is slipping back into its proper position on the disc. For many people this happens easily and without pain as part of their movement and many people adapt and live comfortably like this. It is important to monitor this and seek medical attention if this becomes painful or severely worsens. A griding sound is never normal and a sign of severe degeneration.

Why does my jaw feel stuck?

A jaw can get stuck in a closed or open position. Being unable to open wide is a result of a displaced disc that can’t be popped into. A jaw can also get stuck when you open past the disc, and cant get back into the right position to close.

How often do I need to wear a splint?

Every patient is different. Often people need to wear it for longer at the start of treatment, but the goal is to wear a splint only at night. 

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